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Assets - Barre Fitness Classes in San Luis Obispo

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It's healthy, it's different, it's one of the latest exercise trends sweeping the country and it's offered on the Central Coast! Assets barre fitness boutique is one of the only studios worldwide to offer traditional BarreFitness sculpting classes along with an exciting new cardio version. The fundamentals of the BarreFitness technique focus on ballet warm up exercises, yoga and some Pilates inspired movements. The fusion of all three practices create a workout that engages all your muscles while targeting the arms, thighs, seat and core through a high intensity, no impact workout. You'll see changes in your posture within the first 3 classes and in your silhouette within 10 classes. 

I love the classes and they way I feel and look! All the instructors are great, but especially the ones who are hands-on...correcting posture and form, bringing their personality into it, making it fun...Julia and Leslie are the best (and my favorites). Keep up the good work! I've brought a few friends to class who ended up signing up :)
Amanda L.

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Jami’s favorite way to start the day! Throw frozen mixed berries, frozen banana, frozen Kale (available at Trader Joe’s!), fresh spinach, baby carrots...

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