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Assets - Barre Fitness Classes in San Luis Obispo

hands on • technique driven • community based

The Central Coast's Original Barre Studio, offering Barre Fitness classes in San Luis Obispo County since 2009. The fundamentals of the Barre Fitness technique focus on ballet warm up exercises, yoga and some Pilates inspired movements. The fusion of all three practices create a workout that engages all your muscles while targeting the arms, thighs, seat and core through a high intensity, no impact workout.

Assets offers traditional sculpting classes, cardio and tabata versions and our newest ice skating inspired class. All classes are based in the Lotte Berk method and continue to deliver safe, fast, efficient and effective changes.

You'll see changes in your posture within 3 classes and in your silhouette within 10

Great hours. Julia has a broad understanding of the different exercise needs of different age groups and can tailor your program to your specific needs.
Jim G.

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Meet Julianne
Meet Julianne, our most recent Member of the Month. She works down the street and Assets provides a great opportunity to shake off the work day and build strength and flexibility.

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