Barre Fitness in San Luis Obispo


Mission Statement

Assets is an inviting Barre Fitness studio dedicated to technically driven, hands on teaching in a very supportive and encouraging environment, determined to transform bodies and build a community of women who reach beyond their perceived limitations.


Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness is a safe and complete workout that tightens, sculpts and elongates muscles to create a lean, flexible, healthy body. Popular throughout the country for its use of fat-burning interval training principles, the barre workout has evolved over the years from the Lotte Berk Method and Callanetics. This unique total-body workout targets the arms, thighs, seat and core through a system of strengthening and stretching that will shape and tone the body while also aligning the body’s postural and core muscles. Small, intense movements burn calories and fat while strengthening and elongating muscles; stretching techniques are used throughout the class to burn fat directly around the muscle and increase flexibility and range of motion. Repetitive movements train the body to continue tightening throughout the day while you continue to burn calories. The barre workout is effective due to the variety of exercises within the technique and the incredible results seen from it.  Complete attention to form and a focus on low impact, micro-movements ensure the best results possible in a safe and supportive environment. It’s a functional workout for your lifestyle and effective to getting the quick results you desire.

You will see changes in your posture after just 3 classes and changes in your silhouette after 10.

Long lean legs, a lifted seat, a tighter core, increased muscle strength and flexibility are just a few of the benefits you will start to notice. Classes are set to motivating, upbeat music and it's the one fitness technique where you'll hardly move a muscle and you'll work harder than you ever have.

I enjoy the amount of classes offered, the variety of classes and the non-crowded feeling in the classes. I also like how the instructors give some personal attention in the classes if needed.
Shannon B.