Halfway Thru – Week 5

We’re halfway thru our challenge. How is everyone doing? Have you been keeping up on your water intake? With all the white, especially salt and sugar out of your diet and the increase in water you should be feeling pretty good about now. This is a good week to pamper yourself. We are going to focus on the amount of sleep you are getting. Start adding this to your log, both the time you wake and close your eyes but also your total hours for the night and any naps you are lucky enough to grab. Sleep is a very important part of your weight maintenance and management program. Lack of sleep not only makes us crave unhealthy foods but increases cortisol production in the body which leads to fat storage, especially around the mid section.

Here are some helpful sleep tips:

– Give yourself a little protein snack within the hour before bed (yogury with bananas, protein shake, or ┬ácereal with fruit). The protein helps you sleep as well as helps build lean muscle throughout the night.
– No alcohol at night. Alcohol interupts sleep during the night.
– No tv or internet in the hour before bed. Research shows electronics stimulate the brain and make it difficult to fall asleep (hard for me to believe based on all the movies I fall asleep to).
– While you brush your teeth tell yourself happy, healthy thoughts like how good you feel eating healthy foods or how proud you are of yourself for taking on this challenge and being strong. Positive energy will push all the work and stressful thoughts out of your mind to free you for restful sleep.

This is also a great week to get a massage or maybe even a wrap. With the toxins pushing out of your body this is a great time to tighten the body and skin with outside efforts. I love Savvi Skin Spa on Monterey or French Touch Parisian Skincare Salon on Nippomo across from the Children’s Museum. Check them out and treat yourself to extra sleep and pampering.

This is the week to get back on the scale at the studio. Julia is out of town but your chart is at the front desk as well as the scale. Get a weight check and we can do inches next week.

As heard in class this morning, “Don’t make decisions on how you feel now, make decisions for what you want in the future.” This wise sage also said “Your muscles need determination to change.” So keep working hard, persevere and let’s all win together.

Great hours. Julia has a broad understanding of the different exercise needs of different age groups and can tailor your program to your specific needs.
Jim G.