No White – Week 4

no_whiteThe week has come to begin to lay down the law. This is when we start getting serious. We’ve been slowly building up to this and if you have truly been following the guidelines from the 3 weeks this week will not feel too harsh. But this is a crucial week. You will now be taking everything “white” out of your diet: sugar, salt, bread, rice, pasta, mayonaise, butter, ice cream, milk, even yogurt. It’s actually easier than you think and will really make you mindful about what you are putting into your diet. The more you miss the above, the more of it you actually had in your diet before. If you heed the above, you will see some drastic results. Make sure to keep your water intake up and adding lots of fresh fruit and vegies along with lean meats. Use spices to add flavor and reach for fresh fruit when you are craving sweets. There is also reseach out there that shows what you start your day with is linked to what you crave throughout the day. So make yourself a big, healthy, high protein breakfast to get you going. Think about eggs, avocado, fruit, even some leftover steak or chicken from dinner will go a long way in keeping your blood sugar level throughout the day. Also make sure to keep eating small meals all day long to maintain your blood sugar.


I feel extremely comfortable and welcomed every time I come to a class, and leave feeling the best I have all day. I would 100 % recommend this experience to anyone and everyone looking to better themselves both physically and mentally. Im so glad I was introduced to Assets!
Savannah C.