Sacrifice – Week 6

imagesWe’re on the home stretch now! It’s time to start thinking about what else we can cut from our diet to lose those last pesky pounds. This one can be a bit tough but the payoff will be grand and you’ll spend your summer with a glorious toned body. It’s time to cut out the alcohol. Yep, that’s right, no more beer, wine or cocktails. Remind yourself that this is a short duration and that the rewards will be great. If you must, you can have a glass of red wine if a social or business occassion calls for it. A glass of bubbly Perrier with a squeeze of lime looks an awful lot like a vodka tonic if you want to feel like you’re fitting in. At this point if you are still consuming the quantity of water you are supposed to be you shouldn’t feel any need for that evening drink.

This is also a good time to try some sunless tanning lotion. Best results come when you use a body scrub or loofah in the shower before applying the lotion. Try adding regular moisturizer on top to keep the coverage even and wash your hands with soap after you’ve covered half your body then again when you are finished to help keep your hands from turning orange. A little color on your skin will help hide the uneveness of color on your body as well as it always makes you look a little thinner. This is also a great time to up your cardio output. Consider taking a cardio class right after a regular BarreFitness class or add a long run or bike ride into your weekend schedule.

Keep up the great work and stay focused on those summer goals.

I enjoy the amount of classes offered, the variety of classes and the non-crowded feeling in the classes. I also like how the instructors give some personal attention in the classes if needed.
Shannon B.