A Better Belly

Do you Instagram? I do. I like the artistic side of it. I guess there’s a business side as well and I like to be able to post pictures and motivational statements on it to keep my clients inspired. I recently came across a trainer who likes to post pictures of her amazing (albeit 20 something year old) body in hopes of inspiring others. Some people are motivated by images of bodies that they aspire to look like so it’s a good thing. Recently, however, she has been posting on how to get better abs and all the workouts you can do to get them. I take issue with that as most of us already have a nice six pack underneath a fair amount of fat. Have you ever heard the saying “abs are built in the kitchen”? Well it’s true. A body builder can build abs, literally increase the size and definition of them with some significant abdominal specific exercises. Their goal is to actually increase the size, build the muscle. My assumption is that most of you want a nice trim and flatter stomach, not a super muscular belly. To be clear, at Assets we focus on exercises that strengthen the abdominal and core muscles that give support to the spine. We do this to improve your spinal support, improve your posture and keep you safe from injury as well as fight declining stature as happens with age. Ultimately, if you want a flat belly and a trim midsection, you will want to pay attention to what you put into your belly more than the abdominal exercises you do to the muscles that lie on top. How determined you are to get to that slimmer belly will determine how many fat building culprits you’re willing to take out of your diet. Consider cutting out the following right away:

Sugar, in all it’s forms
Alcohol, which includes both of the above
Non fat milk products – yep full fat is better for you

Consider more of these:
Leafy greens and non starchy veggies
Coconut and local olive oils
Berries – make this your sweet tooth substitute
Apple cider vinegar
Cold water fish

And eat local and pesticide, hormone free. Buy your food where you know how it’s grown or treated. Eat in season.

There is a lot of information out there on foods for weight loss and better health. We are offering an upcoming New You thru Food seminar where you will learn a bit about what to put in your body for better health and a lot about how to make those changes happen and stick. It takes more than knowing what to eat, it takes knowing how to get to the food, find it, shop the right places and prepare for your week so you get caught hungry. We’re going to arm you with all the tools to make you successful on your progress to a better, more healthy you. Find out more Here.

Great workout in a short amount of time. Instructors are very helpful and friendly, and the space is beautiful!
Leah N.