The Other New Year’s Resolution

Smell that? That’s the sweet smell of renewal as our kids begin another year of school and we feel as if we are starting fresh again and getting back on schedule. Even if you do not have children, with summer coming to an end (hard to believe with this heat) we all seem to be feeling the new start feeling. It’s not January but September always seems to offer that opportunity to “get back on track”. Whether you’ve been enjoying plenty of Sangrias or indulging in cold treat like popsicles and ice cream or maybe just too much celebrating in general, you can start over once again on a new schedule with a fresh approach to your daily choices. The real “News” is that you can do this any time, daily or even hourly. There doesn’t have to be a special day or time to start over again, start with your next decision. Remember that goals are most successful when you make them realistic and more successful if you create a plan to reach them. If your plan is thoughtfully prepared and systematically laid out and organized success is easy. No discipline needed. Think of it this way: if you choose to go a month without sweets, then get all the sweets out of the house, office and car. If it’s not readily available to you, you won’t be able to fail. At the same time, what can you offer yourself instead of a sweet when the craving comes? How about some delicious fresh fruit?! The plan is your security and you helper but you must make sure you have it fully thought out and laid out.

Is your goalĀ one of exercise pursuits? Make these realistic. If you’ve been to the gym once in the last month then planning on going everyday after Sept 1 is a bit unrealistic but if your goal is to run 4 times per week by Oct 1, then you can build up to it, deal with soreness and schedule conflicts as they surely will arise. The week of 9/1 you get in 2 easy runs and maybe the next week as well, not you’re building a routine and can throw a third day in. By 10/1 it is now second nature to get 4 runs in.

And if you’re goal is exercise, your calendar becomes a very important training tool. If you do not schedule in your workouts and hold to them like you would with any other appointment, they will get continually pushed back till they don’t happen at all and then another day goes by. Make your health a priority and schedule your workouts/exercise sessions. It’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself and I’d argue even more important than investing in your retirement account. When you invest in your health and wellness you are investing in your future and your future ability to enjoy your future with travel and playing with grand kids.

So go get started on your fall resolutions. Create your goal, plan it out and then prepare your environment to make reaching your goal a success.

I enjoy the amount of classes offered, the variety of classes and the non-crowded feeling in the classes. I also like how the instructors give some personal attention in the classes if needed.
Shannon B.