Tips for Success by Elizabeth Lowham

Guest Blog by Assets Instructor Elizabeth Lowham

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Elizabeth’s Tips for Success:

1. Find your habits and break them.

I struggled for a long time to lose any weight; I was working hard but nothing was really happening. Then, I was teaching in Rome for the summer. Being outside my comfort zone and being forced to change patterns and habits opened my eyes to the choices I was making and helped me recognize ways I could make different decisions. I was in a situation where I had to make a million little decisions differently and it helped me realize the bad habits I had set myself. Certainly, we can’t all get outside of lives for six weeks, but, we can start to observe ourselves and be mindful of habits and patterns.

2. Challenge yourself to find what works for you.

It turns out I’m a bit competitive, and I figured ways to turn that competitiveness inward. I challenged myself to drink a gallon (128oz) of water every day. At first it seemed like a lot; now it seems normal. I wanted to run a faster mile without feeling like it was the end of the world; I wanted to work to a three minute plank. I’m still working on enjoying the last one. I found that if I set myself smart challenges, I had something positive to work for.

3. Stop focusing on one number and cut yourself some slack.

Someone really smart once told me that the scale is just one indicator of health. And sometimes, it’s not the most important one. When I focused on the scale, nothing seemed to happen. But, when I focused on something I wanted my body to do for me (running, planking, etc), the weight seemed to come off even when I wasn’t focused on it. I also found that if I was focused on building up to something, every time I tried it, it was progress. I may not have been perfect; but I was trying and giving it my all each time. And when things didn’t quite go perfectly, it was still progress that I could improve on.

I love the classes and they way I feel and look! All the instructors are great, but especially the ones who are hands-on...correcting posture and form, bringing their personality into it, making it fun...Julia and Leslie are the best (and my favorites). Keep up the good work! I've brought a few friends to class who ended up signing up :)
Amanda L.