Guest Post from Yogi Cara Smith

Why I Love Yoga 🙂

Why yoga and stretch if you already get a kick ass work out with barre? There are many reasons, to say the least. Read my top five reasons for why I love yoga below to see why you should get stretchy and limber too!

  1. Cross Training: Our bodies sure do show off all the hard work we do getting our butts kicked in barre, but in order to stay in this shape and keep doing barre (or any physical activity), we must keep our bodies balanced. Yoga is the answer to balance in our physical bodies and is seen by many as a necessity to keep the longevity of our muscles going strong. Rodney Yee, a yogi expert featured often on Gaiam, says, “I was a ballet dancer and gymnast. Yoga helped me heal old injuries and prevent new ones. It helps with range of motion in every joint, and keeps the muscles supple but strong. It doesn’t just build a body for a specific activity, but brings us back into balance so our body can adapt to any movement. Yoga is cross-training.”
  2. Peace of Mind: We don’t truly offer ourselves the chance to “tune out and tune in”, in our everyday lives. Yoga offers us an opportunity to do this, to tune out any outer circumstances or happenings and tune INTO what is really all that matters: what’s going on inside our hearts and souls. And while we’re tuned in, we’re able to learn and work with what we find there so we can better handle ourselves in the outside world.
  3. Relaxation: Rarely do we give ourselves permission to do absolutely nothing and just RELAX! Sure, we can flick on the T.V. or have a glass of wine, but in those situations our minds are still going a mile a minute and unable to truly be calm, quiet and relaxed. When we practice yoga, we offer ourselves time and space to have true relaxation time, where we worry about nothing else and just let everything be as is.
  4. Love: It is rare to find something that will immensely help you on the journey to loving and accepting your body and yoga does just that. It breaks down all of those unnecessary barriers and experiences that take away from the sheer importance of loving your beautiful self! Every time I practice, I feel the love just a little more and if you’re open to that experience, then you can too.
  5. Overall Health… for your body, mind and soul! Sure, we get all the aforementioned physical benefits of yoga, but what about the other aspects of yoga? Yoga has the ability to begin positive transformations in the way we think, feel, and act. With focus on the breath during yoga practice, we are given the opportunity to link our physical body with our mind and soul. The theory of what we think, we become comes into play – if we are thinking negatively, then it will have a negative affect on our bodies and souls. So if we can transform our thoughts, we can transform our bodies.

I hope to experience the growth of our hearts and the balancing of our bodies through yoga with you. See you in class soon, beautiful Barre Mates and Yogis!

I love the classes and they way I feel and look! All the instructors are great, but especially the ones who are hands-on...correcting posture and form, bringing their personality into it, making it fun...Julia and Leslie are the best (and my favorites). Keep up the good work! I've brought a few friends to class who ended up signing up :)
Amanda L.