8 Weeks to Your New Beach Body – Week 1

“Change your mind, change your body.” Once you make the decison to make a change; for better health, a better body, a smarter lifestyle, your body will come. It starts with the way we think. We are going to focus on making a change and making them subtle so that they are not too challenging and all do-able. We want you to work towards, or for something but we want these to be baby steps on your way to a new way of thinking.

How it works. Each week we will be posting a new focus for your body transformation; some easy, some hard and some even fun. The goal is to focus on the one little change and your reasons for making the effort. You need to have a “why” or it just won’t happen. You can’t just say you want a new beach body and think it’s magically going to happen but you will find out that if you have good reason, and are motivated to do the work, and take small, do-able steps, the results will come.

We have “change your mind, change your body” magnets at the studio that you are free to take home and post where you need to to keep you on your focused path.

Make sure to contact Julia to get measured and weighed and addded to the challenge board. We have lots of prizes that can be won for those that participate so make sure you get involved.

Week 1: Water! Yep, water. Most of us think we drink enough but really don’t. For every cup of coffee in the morning, ice tea at lunch, wine at night, cocktail with friends or even glass of juice you have in a day, you are taking away from the much needed water that needs to get into your system. This is going to be one of your easiest changes but it does require action. First, you need to buy two 1.5 – 2 litre bottles of water. These are your measuring cups. It really should be 2 litres but for many this is very hard. Think of these as your mini daily goals. Watch the water disappear as you go through your day. ┬áMake sure to carry one with you in the car and at your desk. You need to consume both bottles each day from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. You will find that if you work out, this is much easier. Drink some water before your coffee and then drink it all day long, before you are thirsty. That’s all you need to know. We’ll share more this week about the amazing benefits of water but for now you just need to drink.



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