Splits Club

January 21, 2018 - March 3, 2018

Splits Club is Back!

Splits Club begins January 21st with a full hour workshop.

The Splits Club workshop is and hour with Jenny where she will take you through safe exercises to work on your splits. You will also learn the keys to getting deeper into your splits and some secret tricks to get there quickly and safely. This is a great workshop for those who need a little extra help with tight hips like runners, cyclist and those sitting at a desk all day. The workshop cost is $25. Purchase before December 25 th and save $5 using promo code Splits at checkout. You can register HERE

Anyone can join the Splits Club by adding yourself to the Splits Chart and getting your splits measured any time during the week of January 21st. Each class beginning Sunday January 21st will include a splits focused stretch session during our final stretch time. This way everyone can focus a bit more on getting deeper and opening those hips. We'll measure any club members again February 2nd thru the 5th and check progress. Special gifts will be given to our top "changer" in each split. 


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Love the encouraging environment, the easy online payment and sign-up options, the beautiful studio, and the great boutique.
Laura R.