Teacher Training

January 27, 2018 - February 4, 2018

Teacher Training:

Our First Quarter Teacher Training begins January 27th. This 20 hour certification will cover the Assets brand Barre Fitness class, basic anatomy and biomechanics, safety and modification details, cueing and playlist creation information and includes team teaching opportunities to get you ready to teach this premier form of fitness training, with a true dedication to form and hands on attention.

Teacher Training is available to those interested in teaching in the studio as well as those interested in gaining a greater understanding of their own fitness training and development.

Training times are January 27 12-6pm, January 28 12-5pm, February 3 12-5pm, February 4 12-4pm. Addtional instruction needs and team teaching opportunities will be scheduled individually. Cost is $750. Contact info@Assets-Studios.com for a registration form or more information.

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I love the classes and they way I feel and look! All the instructors are great, but especially the ones who are hands-on...correcting posture and form, bringing their personality into it, making it fun...Julia and Leslie are the best (and my favorites). Keep up the good work! I've brought a few friends to class who ended up signing up :)
Amanda L.