Meet Elizabeth

Private Training at Assets


October 3, 2015

A Poly Professor discovers barre as a new challenge to her workout regimen and then jumps into the barre teaching saddle. Read more about this beautiful lady and the changes she's had along the way.

Elizabeth first came to Assets with an interest in discovering a new fitness challenge. She soon found out it was more than a workout; the training worked on her flexibility and challenged her self perceptions. She started playing tennis again and began running as part of her fitness warm ups beginning this past January. She quickly dropped 4 minutes off her mile time in the first 3 months and has found that training at the barre has helped improve her core strength and flexibility, all of which has improved her running. With all her fitness pursuits and her attention to improved health, Elizabeth has dropped over 30 pounds and is still going!

You can now find her at the head of the class, literally. She has added a whole new teaching gig to her resume as one of our top requested instructors. She appreciates the deeper knowledge about barre that becoming a teacher has provided – and she’ll gladly share all she knows. Elizabeth loves to encourage clients past their perceived limits – over half the battle is mental!


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I love the classes and they way I feel and look! All the instructors are great, but especially the ones who are hands-on...correcting posture and form, bringing their personality into it, making it fun...Julia and Leslie are the best (and my favorites). Keep up the good work! I've brought a few friends to class who ended up signing up :)
Amanda L.