New Mommas Kara and Sarah

Private Training at Assets


February 19, 2017

Meet Kara and Sarah, two hot mommas that spent almost 9 months a piece building their respective babies at the barre. Both mommas made a quick dash back to the barre to get right back to it after delivering these beautiful baby girls. We thought you’d like to know their thoughts on barre fitness training at Assets before and after delivery. 

Exercising while pregnant can be a bit scary, especially with your first baby. For Sarah, her previous 2 years at the barre helped her feel confident that should could continue on throughout her pregnancy. Kara was a felt that some of the core exercises might be of concern “but the instructors were awesome in guiding me through modifications”, said Sarah. She learned pretty quickly that should could make modifications and “still feel the burn”.

Both mommas were looking forward to continued training at the barre with expectations of staying toned and strong for delivery and a speedy recovery. Sarah was hoping the workouts would help her  “…have the endurance to get through labor and delivery without medication”. Both our pregnant barre mates worked so hard at the barre that they were both able to take class all the way up to within days of delivery.  And if that wasn’t enough, they couldn’t wait to get back to the barre. Kara was back in class “6 weeks on the dot” after beautiful Gemma was born and Sarah “patiently waited a full 4 weeks before coming back to class” post Sonora entering the world.

How did our mommas feel after their first class back?

Sarah said “Amazing! I felt human again and it was so nice to return to my pre-pregnancy schedule.”

Kara said “I certainly felt weaker than before, but it felt amazing. I was happy to be able to bend forward completely and not have a belly in my way during stretches. I realized how much I missed being able to completely stretch.”

Both ladies felt their training at the barre made them stronger through delivery and Kara said “… I truly believe my quick recovery was due to my core and pelvic strength training at Assets. My uterus shrank in no time and I felt pretty good one week after delivery” and this was after an unexpected c-section!

So what advise do these new mommies have for pregnant women?

Kara: “It is the best work out during pregnancy because it's low impact, strengthens in all the right places, and immensely helps with recovery!”

Sarah: “Do it! You will not regret it and will have so much to gain! Barre is amazing and the instructors are so supportive no matter what your capabilities are.”

We agree and are here to help. Kara summed up Assets’ mission perfectly with “The Assets community has been incredibly supportive during my pregnancy and postpartum period. It feels like family.”

Not only do we welcome all you beautiful soon to be mothers into our fold but we have Baby Barre waiting for you after your beautiful baby is born.

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Your product is great. The environment is beautiful. Most importantly, though, I appreciate the friendly welcoming community you've created. I feel like I'm going to see or make friends at each class.
Lesley D.