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Private Training at Assets


July 25, 2017

We have this great t-shirt award we hand out that says "Addicted to the Barre" on it. You earn it by attending 100 classes. Beth made it through her 100 classes in less than 5 months! She was addicted from the start based on her 22 classes attended in her first month of classes and with over 300 classes taken to this point, she's well on her way to be our fastest ever to join the 500 Club. This month we spot light this amazing lady. 

Tina caught up with Beth to get her story.

Beth never considered herself athletic and stayed clear from any sports. Before Assets, she was a dedicated gym member. All that changed last year when Beth's daughter Lauren purchased her a month membership at Assets for Mothers Day.

     "I always dreamed about small fitness studios, and how great they must be." She felt nervous and intimidated at her first barre class. Even though she felt sore and exhausted, she was hooked. She turned her New Client Special into an unlimited membership and immediately began to notice changes in her body, especially in the toning in her arms. Besides her love for an awesome workout, Beth loves the Assets' instructors and the knowledge they bring. Their dedication to form and technique keeps her on top of her game. They love to push her to find new limits for herself. Her dream of working out in a small intimate setting has come true. Beth's advice to any newbies, "Take the special, you won't regret it". Beth inspires others with her dedication to 5-6 days a week at the barre. 

Keep up the great work Beth!

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I feel extremely comfortable and welcomed every time I come to a class, and leave feeling the best I have all day. I would 100 % recommend this experience to anyone and everyone looking to better themselves both physically and mentally. Im so glad I was introduced to Assets!
Savannah C.